Blender rigify to ue4 physics asset

Hi everyone!

Quick recap of what I did: modelled a character, rigged it with a rigify skeleton and made a few simple animations and imported them into UE4, it was all smiles and sunshine

Now though, i want to have ragdolls for the character but when i make the physics asset, theres a million bones and its just a giant purple mess, as shown in the image.

Is there a way to change the skeleton without starting the animations for scratch?
And if i do need to start again, is there a process for using rigify and getting a clean physics asset with it?

Unfortunately rigify isnt really meant for game engines, as you’ve discovered theres far to many bones that get exported.

Best bet is grab uefy script, im not sure if theres a free version since 2.0 but im sure you can grab an older lite version thats free. Its basically the same as rigify but uses the same skeleton structure as the UE4 mannequin to make importing into UE4 easy, you can also then retarget existing animations from ue4 to your rig.

Yeah i discovered that the hard way.

Yeah i was looking at Uefy last night and was considering it, i’ll have a look at that and see what its like, thanks!

Aha don’t you worry you’re not alone in finding out the hard way, I went through the same pain :slight_smile: