[Blender] Rigid Animation Help Needed!!!

Hi guys!
its my first attempt to import animations please help, am trying to reproduce the teqnique from elemental demo like shown here

the problem is that am getting weird behavior when anim is played, can u please help?

You seem to be using the binary fbx format (which is the default one in Blender). Try exporting using the ASCII format (it’s a setting in the exporter script). The binary format often has problems with scale and animations.
You may also have to play around with different settings, but using the ascii format is usually the one which has the most effect.

I have 3 objects:
-Door (going Left)
-Door (going Right)
-Cylinder (rotating and going Left)

When i export those am getting a bunch of staff for each one of the objects… (SkeletalMesh,AnimationSequence,PhysicsAsset,Skeleton)

Probably i only need the SkeletalMesh,AnimationSequence , BUT , what if i want like 100 objects in my FBX animation… i cant deal with 100 skeletalmeshes and animations!!!
I thought that all objects should be in 1 Skeletal mesh and anim, am i correct?

ive never actually tried to animate something in blender(or even worse applying it to ue4) apart from modeling…

The binary fbx export was fixed a long time ago and should now be working correctly (assuming the units are correct).

You have strange values in your scale transforms. You should delete the scale keyframes, apply your transforms for the objects (scale), then recalculate normals for the objects that were flipped. Anyway, even this won’t help you since

You have several objects so you’re getting stuff for every object. To fix this you’ll have to join your objects with ctrl+j. Then you can apply transforms for location rotation and scale to make sure it’s zeroed out. However, then you’ll run into a problem where you can only animate the whole thing instead of every door etc. You’ll have to learn how armatures (or rigs, or skeletons) work in blender:
If you have trouble with this you can post on the blenderartists forum under the rigging/animation subforum. But basically you need to make an armature, make a few bones (one for each door and one for the rotating thingy) then parent your mesh to the armature you made.

isnt this post suggesting that it doesnt need an armature? i only wonder how this is done in blender, can someone help?

When i Ctrl+J this , the animation need to be done by vertex selection, i dont know how this can be done ( only selecting each piece with L ), but again without the need of BONES?

Let’s say i want to reproduce the physics shown below, but in blender…

thnx again!

Why would you even want to do it without bones, when the bones are helping you? At least for your animation it looks more like a regular animation than something that breaks. For the vertex selection you would select the object in object mode, then create vertex groups. After doing that you would in edit mode select the pieces with L and assign a weight of 1.000 for each piece to each vertex group, so an example, select the left door, select the left_door vertex group, assign with 1.000 weight.

If you want to do an animation like the one you linked to at the top you should use the blender branch with the fracture modifier, then try just following the steps, creating a group and so on.
You can find it here:

I just checked and I’m only 1 Blender version behind, and I’m on unreal engine 1.10, which I think is also only 1 version behind, and I still have problems when using the binary fbx (even though I’ve set Blender to metric units with a scale of 0.01, so that no scaling is necessary when exporting it to Unreal Engine). It’s possible that it’s fixed on the absolute latest versions, but even then, users using slightly outdated versions of Blender and/or Unreal Engine could still have problems with it.

Right, I’ll admit that “a long time ago” meant the release of 2.76 which may or may not be a long time ago. :stuck_out_tongue:
While you do have an incentive to sometimes use older UE4 versions (for example if you’re creating a game and migrating is too painful) generally the latest blender version is the best. Actually if I wasn’t using a special blender branch I would use the builds on since they have the latest additions and fixes.

In any case, if you use blender with UE4 you should use the latest version (2.76b).

have you tried this tutorial A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
maybe not quite what your after but should get you going, tbh doors don’t really need to be skeletal meshes unless they have very complex anims

ps i have a playlist about blender and ue4 on my youtube channel :wink: