Blender or UE4 for making Low Poly Landscapes?

Hello everyone! i was thinking of making a Low Poly game, but i don’t know what software is the best for making landscapes, and i don’t want to make this game realistic, because im a noob ;-;

Also sorry for any Engrish grammar errors, im BR ;-;

For a lowpoly game you could work directly within ue4!

Shirking realism because it’s hard is not a good idea, shoot for what you envision, what you want. If low poly is your aim (and there are some beautiful aesthetics that can be had) then that’s cool too! You want to work with Blender and UE4. Unreal has a video on level design, but basically you want to:

  • Draw out your level, pen and paper.
  • Block it in with BSP.
  • Replace your BSP with static meshes made in Blender.

That’s the short of it. Have fun!

ok thanks, i’ll try my best xD