Blender now on Steam

Now has never been a better time to try Blender because now it is on steam.

I saw it a few days back. I cant figure out why I should install Blender via Steam? Perhaps the auto updates might be interesting… Or is it pure marketing from/for Blender it self?

Besides the auto-updates & even easier to access notifications, having Blender on Steam will open it up to an even greater audience & should allow development on Blender to increase + improve 10 fold over the coming months & years especially when it comes to Quality Assurance Testing the many components of Blender + squishing bugs hopefully much faster.

And with that being said, I think that is pretty AWESOME SAUCE



Very good! I’ve moved to Blender from 3dsMax (after like ~5 years of using 3ds) and after getting used to it (it’s not too intuitive and it’s one of the main flaws), i can honestly say, that for me, it’s better in almost every aspect of making 3d game assets. Really. Not to mention the price :wink: Therefore i’m glad that it’ll become more popular after putting on Steam… = more tutorials, more useful plugins, more integration with other softwares like UE4! :slight_smile:

This will blow the web. Goodbye NOK200/month MayaLT (and sorry Autodesk)

personally I don’t see how this will make any real difference.

Hope they don’t go Steam exclusive. They probably won’t, but I am one of those paranoid people. :slight_smile:
But seriously, I think it’s pretty cool. Now more people might get into it! :slight_smile:

P.S. If any Blender Devs are reading this… NEW GUI!!!

I don’t think we have to fear Steam exclusivity for a piece of free software! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for better update management, through Steam.