Blender metric scale exported FBX too small

I’ve spent all morning trying to figure this out, and I can’t quite get my head around this.

This is a basic blender scene I’ve set up:

On the left you can see a cube representing the UE4 character (60cm x 60cm x 180cm)

On the right is a simple model of my bed, that I measured, its dimensions (as shown in blender) are 190cm x 137cm x 13cm for the matress, and 190cm x 137cm x 35cm for the bed frame.

Blender is configured to use metric units, with a scale of 0.01, and I’ve exported the bed as an .fbx using a scale of 1.00. However, in UE4, this is how it looks:

It just looks far too small. I’m just a bit taller than the UE4 character, and in real life the bed is big, but in UE4 it just appears to be very small, maybe it’s my eyes, but something just doesn’t look right.

If I scale the bed up twice in UE4 is appears to be a bit more accurate, but I’d like to get things scaled correctly when exporting. I’ve read multiple posts on getting scaling correct, and I thought I had it all setup correctly. However, something just doesn’t look right.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.


if bed/character proportions are a problem you are trying to explain with an image, your image should include a character laying down on the bed. also, try blocking out some pillows, a chair, and a door frame, throw those in the scene, and see if the scale still feels weird.

for blender units, instead of metric, i use none. exporting at a scale of 1, each blender unit is 1 meter in UE4.