Blender mesh creations & Export to UE

Dear Moderator. I would like to have this Thread for Blender mesh creation and export issues, problems and tips.

Export Mesh to UE from Blender (2.76)


you’ll find quite a few threads here with help and tip for exporting content from Blender to UE4.
see-ing as Blender and UE4 has changed a lot over the last few years i don’t think it would help having a single thread for the subject,
as you can see from my playlist Blender_UE4 - YouTube i try to keep things up to date but with each new build there are changes to the workflow as you will see when you update to blender 2.77

I am partly agree with you. Blender has changes yes, but many of the basic function has not. There are no different in worlflow from blender 2.74- 2.77. But I see your point. Thank you for reply