Blender issue

Cant take a screenhot. When I import a image onto a plane to make a bump map (in Blender)the image fro. top left to tp bottom are perfetv but the other halk t th bottom right to top left are diagnal. I resetted the factory defaults and still same. All images are like that. like I said I cant take screen shots and no options of a file up load exist unless I send via email of my mega account. Let me put into my mega account in blender form so u can get. I am new to mega so send me your name on mega so i can share with u. if a better way then help lol

Would be good if you could post a pic -> how do you create your bump map? :slight_smile:

was what I stated in the start of my post. I have it on mega and cant screenshot

Blender is a magical mystery screenshot machine!
Press Strg+F3 for small magical stuff.
Press F12 for even bigger magic!
But you have to setup a magical camthing and you have to wait, till the visible magic is calculated!

ok thanks alot. not worried with it so. I will find a better way some how so

for file MEGA

When you try to allpy a texture at the plane in your file, unwrap it first.

Is still dont understand your question :frowning: , but as Luftbauch said, you need to correctly UV map a mesh so that it displays the texture ->

it was never wrap on anything just a plain squre pic of wood and it does that

On simple objects you sometimes dont have to add a complex UV map -> e.g just select the object in the “edit” mode - press space - search for “unwrap” - unwrap it :slight_smile: