Blender importing textures/materials not working

when I render my barrel in blender textures look fine, however when I import into ue4 the new materials for each part of the mesh appear but only have a white vector attached. I checked import textures/materials

second image would not attach for some reason but u can click link to see


If someone knows a solution to this would really appreciate it!


-make sure that your textures is saved as a png or jpg file
-save the texture on your desktop and try it again :slight_smile:
-When you do it like that it should work:

  1. add a material
  2. add a texture
  3. UV map it
  4. export it (just choose “mesh”)
  5. import it with the “import material/texture” button enabled

Thanks that worked! not sure what I was doing wrong maybe its because I had multiple textures