(Blender) Import with current Pose?

Importing a Mesh + Armature (Blender 2.9) is working fine but doesn’t import the current Pose, even using Bake Animation. Can I import the current Pose?

You have to export your animation explicitly and then import it as animation for your skeletal mesh.
The pose will then be available in the animations of your skeletal mesh.

When exporting make sure that you have these settings in your scene:

Make sure to have Unit System set to Metric in your scene and unit scale to 0.01

When exporting animations in blender use the FBX format, choose Armature as Object Type and the following settings:

Apply Scalings: All Local
Forward -Z
Up Y
Only Deform Bones : normally should be true
Add Leaf Bones : false
Bake Animation: true

Ok, thanks.