Blender import error, multiple root bones.

Hello UE4+Blender users,

I started studying blender last year and now taking a bite at UE4.
Anyone kind enough to explain to me how I could avoid the Multiple Root Bones error, during the FBX mesh/skeleton import?
The solution I found was to unparent all bone relations, and then parent everything to the Root bone.
This worked, however, my pose mode and animation got messed up…
How do I retain my pose mode/animation, whilst setting the root bone parent connection?

Hope I made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender 2.73
Unreal Engine 4.6.1

My blend file:

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help me out.

Instead of unparenting, reparenting, have you tried adding a new root bone, and parent all of the other top bones to it? All the bones will then be in the same relative position they are now, so the keyframes should work. Another option would be to bake the animation before changing the bone hierarchy, though that may make editing the animations harder down the road.

Thanks for your reply .
This worked perfectly, did not know you could do this :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up with some other problem with deformation of the legs, but I think I can figure this one out.

Appreciate the help, thanks :slight_smile:

I love it when my wild guesses amount to something. :slight_smile:

Thanks it works, i am also Unity developer, thinking to move to UE4, already i import my model), i have simple model but i have near 60 anims done for Mecanim controler, with custom skeleton). If any one interested what i dev in Unity see this, i think to move because i have a lot of bugs with Unity 5, just press start Unity down, change anims Unity down, and e.t.c.). I try dev the some mechanics in Unreal Engine)

Firstly i have this - multiple root bones error


Then i change it like now:

Also i am create tuturial

Select the bones that are not parented and parent them to the root bone.

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Reparenting or adding a new joint will not work, because the animations are still missing?

if you are yet to impliment any animations, you are free to use the Rigg i created, the link to the dl is in my signature

Greetings chaps,

As someone who is trying (desperately) to create a skeletal mesh in Blender that can use the mannequin animations in UE4 (skipping re-targeting)…
Does it matter the orientation of the root bone? Should be pointing forward, up?