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Hey everyone!

For a long time, I was looking for a plugin like “Houdini for Unreal” with their “Project Titan,” but for Blender and its geometry nodes. Since I didn’t find anything even close, I decided to make one myself.

I have created a plugin that allows you to utilize any Blender GN inputs from Unreal and watch your model dynamically change! It’s uses Blender to calculate nodes, so any nodes can be used and it supports almost all input types, most crazy one is “object” input to get a curve as an input.

Check out the features, more to come!

-Import Blender project files with geometry nodes to your Unreal project.

-Edit the inputs of geometry nodes straight from Unreal.

-Automatically update models from Blender to Unreal as properties change.

-Take advantage of Unreal curves as inputs to make roads/bridges/fences!

If you’re interested, I’ve a video with simple showcase of all we have to offer and I’ve also prepared a video tutorial demonstrating how to create a simple fence using geometry nodes and how to use it with the plugin in Unreal. You can find it here:


Blender Cube to Procedural Unreal Fence Asset - Tutorial

I’m open to your thoughts, suggestions, or any questions you may have. I’m all ears!

Check out our cables showcase:

Check out our new update with support of Instancing and Blender Addons: