Blender FBX > UE4 import producing generic "Import failed" error

I have a .fbx file generated from FUSE which imports into UE4 cleanly, and contains an armature, character model, and single animation. I’m trying to use the file as a template to create new animations, so I imported the .fbx in blender, made a test animation, and exported it with the following settings, my intent being to export the animation and only the animation. However, it fails to import to UE4, and the message it gives me is simply “Import failed,” which makes it a little tough to chase down the problem.

Which version of Blender are you on?, I have only had success with 2.74/2.75 using FBX 7. UE4 wants the newer version of FBX too. (To avoid scale weirdness I recommend 2.75 RC2 from

It turns out it was a user issue- I was neglecting to apply local rotations before I exported it. For the record I’m on 2.74, using the FBX 7 binary, once the user stops being a dolt, it works fine :slight_smile:

ha ha, good news :slight_smile:

I heard existance of “Blender Unity and Unreal Engine 4” 3D modelling base.

blender export.jpg&d=1445898033
Thats the settings that work for me
Make sure you have both your mesh and Armature selected in Object mode… otherwise it wont work

So I can freely import/convert unreal engine 4.10 contents to blender without risk of any mistake?how blender will read unreal model animations after importing to .obj or .fbx?I saw a brilliant tutorial somewhere in this very forum,but thread may be abandnoed something like “working with blender fbx-unity 3d and unreal engine 4”?