Blender FBX import: secondary bone axis problem

I’m importing an animation from Blender, however the animations axis are all screwed
up. I think the secondary axis is wrong.
I have tried all possible combinations, but none worked.
Any hint on what I can do to fix this?
FBX Export settings:

With your character selected in object mode click the export button and choose fbx. Before you save to a folder there is a check box in the left hand bottom corner underneath the tab named “main”… its highlighted in blue… It says (selected objects) check this box.

Then move your cursor down to the section which says … (Forward) make the selection for this (X forward) then choose (Z) for up in the box below that one. Make sure it’s not minus -z like how it is now in your screen shots.

Also next to the (main) tab is a tab called (geometry) set smoothing to faces. Then export. Hope this helps.

Thanks! I tried what you suggested but no luck.
Now it looks like this:

Another thing you can try … there is a tab that says selected objects check that box and make sure that you select everything you want to export. In your screen shots armature is highlighted blue try and select the mesh tab also. Then try and export. But make sure you export with your axis and other settings in positive Z,X,Y…

Hi sorry for such a late reply I’ve been checking my messages but they were not updating no idea why… anyway …make your axis in positive Z and X also, nothing should be in minus because that’s how things get flipped inside out etc… Remember if anything goes wrong when you export from blender to ue4 it will be because theres something wrong with how you’ve exported it. See in your photos there is the axis tab under armature change those to just Y and Z if anything else goes wrong. Try X and Z in the axis tabs but remember without the minus …so don’t use -Z or -Y etc. Let me know how it goes…

I have been battling with a similar problem for 7 days now. I’m thinking of trying 3DSMax

@Nairam Did you find a solution to this problem by any chance?