Blender FBX camera import - Out of Memory crash

M1_Cam.fbx (41.0 KB)
M1_Cam_Max.fbx (50.5 KB)
Is there a significant difference between those files in terms of what UE5 expects?
Both of them are of the same source: a Blender scene assembled from the Zero Day demo from nvidia Developer site.
M1_Cam is an export from that Blender scene.
M1_Cam_Max is the same file, but first imported into 3DsMax and then re-exported as FBX 2018 file.
I’m importing them through the Import Camera option in Sequencer.
First file causes 2 versions of Unreal (4.26.2 and 5.0.3) to quickly run out of memory and collapse without any crash reports. (My total memory available is ~180GB between 64 GB of RAM and the rest is whatever space I have on drive C).

Second file imports into the engine without any issue at all.

Modified export options from blender:
Export selected, X front, Z up, single animation track (NLA tracks and “All actions” off)
Export options from Max: Z up
Export with NLA tracks and All Actions produce a larger file size, but doesn’t affect the engine’s behavior.

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