Blender Commander Rig works, Mixamo no twist bones a pain, Ragdoll physics not working properly

Mixamo has caused me some issues in trying to get him to work in Unreal Engine.

Mixamo rigged my mesh up with only just 2 leg bones. (not counting the missing root bone that Mixamo puts in all their auto rig stuff) So that tells me that without the twist bones, he aint gonna animate right like the Epic Rig does and gonna have head moving issues in his anims.

Well so I got him back in the T-Pose, only to find Mixamo is only
rigging just only one finger up now instead of his whole hand.
That’s twice I put him through Mixamo and hes getting just
one finger rigged. What a joke. Hes already in the T-Pose now,
so his fingers should’ve been all rigged now by their auto rigger.

Even if I can get him and his anims fixed, also means having to redo the anim blueprint all from scratch.

But if it don’t work, then I’m stuck with his head jumping all over the place when he runs. So the head movement has to be fine tuned. Does anyone here have a tutorial to make the head move side to side when running?

And as for Ragdoll, well, i don’t know what’s going on there but his physics are well when I hit simulate, He just goes into a loose warped deformed mess instead, not into a tight ragdoll heap like the epic skeleton does. The physics
are just behaving like water, (way too loose), how do I tighten them up
on his mesh so they don’t deform all his mesh?