Blender bone shape drivers for animation

I have spent three days now trying to get bone shape drivers to animate some shape keys. The bones import and are moving correctly but the mesh is not deforming at all. I have tried countless different options to get it to import to no avail.

I also have to say that I have been using an addon by Loux Xavier called Blender for UnrealEngine as it is the only thing that will export my animations into seperate fbx files with animations. I have tried all of the tutorials to try and export an fbx through the native export option that comes with blender but nothing exports at all. Unsure if these two things are related.

In any case, I have managed to get everything exported correctly just having a hard time with the bone drivers used for the shape keys. The bones move, the shape keys values move, it looks great in blender, UE4 imports everything but the mesh does not morph at all (yes i have the morph option turned on when importing into UE4).

Hopefully someone can help or has gone through something similar.

Update 1
Got it to work with fbx export, still no luck with the mesh deforming in ue4. The deforms and bone drivers are definitely working in blender though.

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I think you can’t save Bone Drivers information in FBX, but even if you could UE4 wouldn’t read that constraint from file.
You have two options:

  1. Setup Bone Drivers in UE4’s Animation Blueprint. (the node called Bone Driven Controller)
  2. Bake BlendShape’s driven animation into key animation and then export.