[Blender] Bone Heat Weighting failed ):

Hey guys,

EDIT: Ok, it seems like this is due to the fact that this Model has so many seperate pieces. Arms, Fingers etc
are made out of multiple pieces. How could i get around this? I mean, Epic got this rigged, so there should be
a valid solution or did they really weight painted this by hand :open_mouth:

i just found some time to export the ThirdPerson Skeleton FBX file and checked if the RIG exports with it, but i seems i can’t find
it in Blender or it’s just not exported.

So i sat down and tried to rig it myself with Blenders Riggify. This works well till the point a want to Parent the Mesh to the Rig.

I get this all known ERROR: “Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones”.

What i tried to do (with the knowledge of nearly every Google Entry belonging to this ERROR):

  • Select the Mesh again, go into EDIT Mode, Select All and remove all doubles
  • Added Decimate Modifier
  • Deleted half of the Mesh and created a Mirror for it
  • Moved all bones (again) to be at the exact spot they should be at

But i still get this ERROR. I really hate rigging and this doesn’t help me getting over this feeling -_-

Assigning the Weight by hand is real pain and would take hours. Does someone have an idea why this happens
and has a secret solution to it? Or maybe someone has a good workflow to weight something like this by hand
(maybe i’m just to dump to weight it and that’s why it takes hours for me).

If you need some more information just tell me. I’m the biggest noob at this xD

Here are 2 pictures of the mesh and the rig:

Ok, to answer my own question yet again, this model is not fitted to get auto weighted. I went over to the Couch Knight Game
and Exported the Little Fighter Mesh. Now i got it rigged quite fast, although i miss some restrictions in the fingers. Maybe i can add these

If i’m happy with it, i can upload the file for others to use it in Blender and Animate it for their projects. (: I, for example, only need a
test Mesh to code my Animation and fighting System.

I’m not sure if the Texture is still usable for it though :X

EDIT: Ok, just using the old Material works just fine <3 Now i have something to play with