Blender - Bendy Bones

Hi guys,

Iam trying to use Blender (2.8) Bendy Bones in my project, just for simple cartoon arrow to animate it. But Iam stucked at import to UE4 (4.22). Maybe screens better illustrate my problem.

Blender screne

Importing with Use T0 as ref pose off.

Importing with Use T0 as ref pose on+output log.

Thank you for your time.

Bendy bones - when they work at import - do not work in engine. They act like a slinky.
if that’s what you are after then please upload screenshots to the forum. The current links are illegible so I can’t even see what the error is…

No problem, screens uploaded.

First screen = blender, second screen = importing fbx with t0 as ref pose off, third screen = importing fbx with t0 as ref pose on

Solved it by not using bendy bones and exporting with GitHub - xavier150/Blender-For-UnrealEngine-Addons: I have created this addons for export asset from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 (great tool).

Interesting, I use my own addons mostly, but from the looks of it it’s just a different way to export/import an FBX file.

If you really want to use bendy bones, you need to make sure the export on the armor is correct (and remove leaf bones).

Glad it’s sorted anyway.