Blender Asset Creation (Is this possible? - Video)

I was following this tutorial. I made the cape in Blender but realized that it’s a lot harder to put it into UE4 than I thought. Is it even possible to get this cape with its built in cloth/sew modifiers into UE4 as a cape that can be equipped? I’ve been trying to figure this out for like 6 hours now.

Yup that won’t work as is. I believe APEX cloth is in UE4 and if you search these forums someone is making an APEX cloth exporter from Blender. This is a pretty high end feature (real time cloth) but it would be the closest to what you are trying to do.

Otherwise a common method is to constrain joints to the verts of your cloth, run the sims during animations and then bake the bones. That way you have a skinned mesh in game running from baked animation - it’s not dynamic but will be faster.

You are trying to use cloth modifier in UE4?
That is impossible, blender uses “bullet”, no direct connection to UE4 physics (so far i know).
You have to rework the NVIDIA way. Google
You can get that in the internal BGE working very easy. ^^