Blender animations to unreal: Unreal engine completely ruins animations.

Hello, i have been animating in blender for a couple of days now on a 2D-3D Stick Figure. Animations and Rigging works completely fine in Blender, but when i export (FBX) my project into Unreal engine, it completely messes everything up. I have been looking this up since yesterday and haven’t found anything, so i decided to post it. Is there anyway for Unreal not to mess with anything from blender? Thanks for reading.

Give this a look if you’re not already using it. It helped me greatly in getting animations into UE from Blender.

I have had many issues with Blender to Unreal. My main problem was if scaling & rotation was off. In blender select your model or armature and then push “N” and your side bar should appear. Then just check through the options there(ROTATION SHOULD BE 0 ON X,Y AND Z AND SCALING SHOULD BE 1 ON X,Y AND Z) If there is a problem with your scaling or rotation then in OBJECT MODE in Blender select the armature & model and push CTRL - A. Then apply ROTATION & SCALE. Export to unreal and test again.

If you are making your own anims with your own character, you should have no issues exporting into UE4.

However, if you want t make character, but use UE4’s anims. Or if you want to make your anims for UE4 character, you are going to be in a world of pain and suffering.

It’s not that bad at all. Exporting from Blender works well even if you would use UE4 anims and your own from Blender. I did that already few hundret times. Just create the rest pose similar to the UE4 one and if your mesh contains all the bones from UE4 mannequin you should be fine. -

I don’t see how it even works, if Blender has entirely different bone axes than Maya (and UE4 for that matter).

You have to change the rest pose of your mesh in Blender to fit as close as possible to the UE4 mannequin and retarget them. This was an example which I just made for fun that is using (only) UE4 template and market-place anims on very different mesh (UE4 mannequin-retarget-> Anime-girl): - The skeleton was not perfect (missing twist bones) but it’s not that bad at all. Twist bones are a must have if you would use it finally in game. Fingers could cause tiny issues at template anims (never remember such issues at market-place anims) even if you posed them almost perfect sometimes. But it’s no big issue and could be avoided easy if you just exclude them at retargeting and just pose it how you like them afterwards in UE4 once (which might take just a few seconds in UE4 editor and is easier than untwisting).

The process has been made easier than ever before. I did a video on retargeting your Blender character to Unreal. I used the RIGIFY plugin that came with Blender and attached the armature to my character. Afterwards exported it to Unreal and retargeted the chararacter and no additional head aches. I offer the character to download for anyone that wants to try it themselves. Both BLEND file and FBX file.

It is available for download here

You can also have a look at the video here