Blender Animation

Hey guys <3,

I followed this lovely tutorial

about rigging my character in Blender. For fun, I made 2 characters and wanted to animate them. So, I joined the 2 character meshes into 1 mesh and also joined 2 skeletons to 1 skeleton. Now, I wanted to happily animate these 2 guys in Blender, but when I changed the pose and inserted a frame, I was quite surprised by the amount of keyframes added (546). I have 78 Bones in total (39 for each low Poly character <3). So I played around and found out, I can lock my bones to Location/Rotation/Scale, but since I’m a total noob, I would like to hear some thoughts about it.
On this character I’m saving the Location and Rotation with each keyframe, but I can also restrict a simple bone to Rotation for example, thus I could “save” 3 keyframes or 6 if it’s mirrored (12 actually, cause I use 2 characters). Does this actually matter or are 546 keyframes a walk in the park for the engine?

For everyone asking now “what is he trying to do”, I want to make a set of animations for a character holding another character, making everything in Blender seems a good solution for me, because I see both meshes and can animate them at the same time and later I don’t have any synchronization issues in UE4. <3

*Edit: I see I could also deselect the IK bones, cause they are linked to the armature bones :3

Yes this would be a walk in the park, intact unreal engine has been creating ground breaking games for many, many years the creators of unreal engine don’t call themselves “Epic” for nothing, so don’t underestimate them or their tool. Also take note I’m not trolling here and I mean no offense in anyway possible in this post. :smiley: