Blender animation wrong looping

I have made a walking animation for my character in blender. The animation is supposed to be 240 frames, and only this much is animated. I have it exported as ASCII fbx, export selected (the armature), with animation checked (deform bones was also selected with similar effects).
Unfortunately when I import it to unreal engine i get a load of problems regarding the keyframes.
First thing is that when I want to only import a range, no matter how big or small I set it, the animation only ends up having one frame.
For the other two options, the animation imports ok, but always at some odd-close number (ie 259, 270 etc) of key frames. Now that wouldn’t be a problem if not the fact that in the last few key frames the animation stays still, sort of destroying the loop.
I have all those options in the import window, still with no better effect.
Any help here would be appreciated.


A couple of things to check …

when you export from blender do you have the frame size correctly configured? (i.e no additional frames)

I dont think you need to check the deform bones option

I assume you previously imported a the skeletal mesh without animation so that there is a matching skeleton rig inside your UE4 project?

Not sure what you mean by correctly configured size of the keys. In the dope sheet, frames only occur between the 0-240 frame mark.
Yes, the animation does have a imported skeletal mesh.

From memory there is a start and end frame configuration on the left toolbar that defines the number of frames in the animation?

If the end frame is larger than your actual end frame it will be padded with empty framews

Oh. Well they are both at frame 240, so I guess that’s fine.