Blender animation wont import

Im able to import skeletal meshes with functional bones into UE4, no problem. But when I try to import an animation FBX (selecting only “armature” in the export options) I dont even get the import panel. It gives me this:


I saw a couple of videos on youtube, Im specifically following this tutorial: Blender to Unreal Engine 4 - Export of Rigged Skeletal Armatures and Animations - YouTube

PD: My NLA editor looks like this:

If more information is needed to solve this please tell me

ohmygod, Okay so I went into the export option in blender >> Geometry >> Smoothing and changed “normals only” to “Face”… And now its working like a charm!

Since this is the only thing I changed, I take it this is the solution

I know you see this as resolved but the error you got has nothing to do with smoothing groups. Worst case you would have gotten an error reading “No smoothing groups Information…” see below.

The error you got is probably related to when you exported from blender you used “selected objects only” but you didn’t select any objects. To show you I did exactly that on the export below

I hope this is clear so you don’t have the error again.


Hey Paul! Indeed I had the “No smoothing group found” thing and changing that setting fixed it. I dont know about the other thing, “Select objects only” is not checked and everytime before exporting I checked “armature”. Like I said, I was following the tutorial step by step.

Either way, thanks for taking the time, I`ll have it in mind for future exports!