Blender animation won't import into UE correctly

Hello! I am currently trying to import animations into Unreal Engine that I’ve made for my character using Blender, but no matter what I do the animation doesn’t seem to maintain the same sense of motion as it did when it was in Blender. Rather than the body moving down to the feet, the feet are moving up to the body. I’ve even used FBX Review to make sure that it’s the same after exporting, and everything checks out until it’s imported into UE.

I’ve provided some video of it below so you’ll be able to visualize it a bit better.

Is anyone able to tell me what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it?
Thank you!

Blender Animation in Blender:

Blender Animation in UE:

Hm, hard to tell… What is your skin binding Method in blender?.. Do you have a Screenshot of your joint hierarchy,… Could be something with your root bone … (But looks rather od…)… How do you export that fella exactly?

You may be doing nothing “wrong”.
As always. Blame the engine :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what is happening is that your model root bone is the Pelvis.

As such. The engine is removing root motion which prevents from moving up and down and keeps it in place.

To fix it.
Add a “root” bone to the model.

Usually you just leave the armature named as Armature and it will export as a root bone.
If you renamed the armature - as a lot of people do - then it won’t import as a root bone which can potentially cause this and other similar issues.

On renamed armatures, just add a manual root bone at the base of the model and parent the pelvis to it.

Should be all you need if I am correct.

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