Blender animation to UE problems, not importing properly(have pics)

So I just spent 5 hours rigging a running animation for the UE mannequin in blender. Go to import the fbx and every error possible that can show up for an import, did.

to walk you through it:
I exported the mannequin from UE as an fbx
imported to blender and checked “Automatic Bone Orientation” under Armatures.
Animated it, and sent back out as fbx.
When I bring it back in and try to attach the manne skeleton to my animation fbx, its totally corrupted and jumbled up.

I have already confirmed that not checking Automatic Bone Orientation and re-importing the manne to UE works and does not corrupt the mesh.

The question, is there a work around for this. Because I can import the animation and not attach the UE skele, but theres no texture on him and he seems low res/poly almost.

Did you ever find a solution?

You cant check automatic bone orientation in Blender and have it work with the default Mannequin skele. You either leave the bones how they are when you import him to Blender, or you check auto bone orientation and all animations thereafter have to be done with the bones straightened like my 2nd picture.

Ok now what about going the other way, from Blender to UE4.
Here’s my issue, I’m pulling my hair out. Maybe you have some ideas?


the bones are always enlarged like that when you go blender->UE->blender. Its just how UE interprets bones from blender. Animation and everything should still work fine in UE