Blender Animation - Play Sequence

Hello Guys, im new with Unreal and I have a questions about sequencer and .abc sequences from Blender.

I created a simple baked animation, and exported as an .abc file.
When I hit “play” - the animation starts properly.

Now I want to use the sequencer, slap a camera inside and I want to create a simple scene with the prebaked animation from blender.

But the animation won’t start - just, when I press “play”.
How I can create animations / sequences like this without pressing the “play” button?

I want to create some motion graphics and try to get more familiar with unreal as a render engine.
And I wish I can integrate some more animations and “trigger” the start point from each animation.

I hope u guys can help me out. I know there are many other guys out there asking maybe the same question - but I can’t find any solution for this.

Have a good day and thank u in advance