Blender animacion to Undreal engine


I apologize in advance for English. I do not speak English well, so I use Google translate. I have the following question. It is theoretical, because although I have a long production plan and a few models, I had to put the project aside for a time. Returning to the merits. I made a character in the blender. I added her bones. Do I need to make all animations a blender program? Is it enough, however, that I will move the skeleton character to Unreal Engine and I will do all animations there? The most important question is: Can I do it? I do not want to break a point in the license agreement. I will be grateful for your reply to the e-mail address. In my project I intend to add some of my own spell animation projects, Fighting with different types of swords and axes. Throwing knives, hiding behind curtains, etc. I’m going to add a lot of my own models of characters, items and spells, so I’m going to make sure I can do it. I will also use many free sources of character models. I will put all the authors of the items in the list as not the name of the nickname under which they placed the model.

You can make minor updates to animation within Unreal Engine itself but that is not what it is designed to do. So the majority of your animations must come from an external program like Blender or Maya.

You can do whatever you want with animations or assets you create yourself. But I should point out that giving credit to other people for their assets is not a substitute for an actual license to use their stuff commercially. You need to make sure anything you use from a 3rd party comes with an explicit license stating the terms of use.

Depends. If the skeletal mesh of her has the same bone naming as the UE4 one and is in a pose that is similar to the UE4 mannequin rest pose then you can even mix anims from the UE4 marketplace (there are even free ones) with the ones that you create yourself using retargetting. So I would always try to use an armature that is similar to keep that option open as it could speed up things significant. Animating itself is easier in Blender in my opinion (IK). Regarding the license: If you created the mesh yourself from scratch in Blender then it’s yours. If you used someone else work you have to check always. There are free possibilities like Makehuman (only official version) that should create UE4 license compatible exports and others like the ManualLab Blender plugin fork that creates AGPL ones (that are not compatible). If you get assets from some blendermarket or cgtrader you have to check. Assets from UE4 market place could be used in your game.