Blender and sizing

Just decided to start playing with unreal engine as a hobby more than anything and couldn’t get it to run on my ancient graphics card…next pay check I’ll be making a long over due upgrade but…

Untill then I figured I would use blender to make my levels…do I need to concern myself to much with sizing?
I’m worried I’ll make something then be unable to effectively resize it in unreal to fit the pawn (I guess selecting all and resizing in blender would be possible then import it again as I’ve used this already…)

But I was hoping you could tell me if I can just focus on the ratio of how things are sized to each other and then scale it to the pawn in the engine.

I havnt had much of an issue with importing and resizing from Blender, there are plenty of youtube guides that show you how to appropriately scale Blender for UE4 development.
There was a good thread on this that I will attach.

Realistically though I wouldn’t make a level in blender and move the entire thing over to UE4, if that’s the route you would like to go then I would break out parts of the level and create blueprints of things you need. One solid mesh from Blender might not perform very well.