Blender Alembic file failing to import

Hi, I’m trying to do a thing where I have an explosion of text reversed so it reforms in UE4. The best way I figured to do that was to animate it in Blender first and then export it as an Alembic file and import that into UE4. When I try to import the .abc it just says Failed to Import and says to look at the output log for more details, however there’s nothing inside of the output log past it literally saying to look at the output log for details.

What’s weird is it seems to only not work on meshes that I used the cell fracture addon on in Blender. I can’t really find out what the issue is because there’s nothing in the log.

Have you checked all the logs?
There’s several levels of output logs, some “hidden” (and never really useful…)
I’m thinking it’s possible the alembic importer is pushing the data to one of those logs instead…

Aside from that, try a simple cube export as alemnic first, make sure the export settings from blender work. 90% of the time you get issues is from bad export settings…

Where could I find these hidden output logs? Also I did try doing it on some cubes and even animated those and it worked. I also tried to on the text before fracturing it and that also worked so I’m assuming something after the mesh is fractured is messing with UE4.

And you are likely right - it’s just that without an error you cannot figure out what is causing it…

Project folder / saved / logs
Should have the actual files.

In editor there’s options kinda hidden under “window” > developer tools.

The only other alternative would be to build from source and run the debug editor version…
It may be worth it if the log is still empty…

Ah well that sucks, logs in the saved folder show nothing. Really not bothered to build from source so RIP.

Share a file. Maybe someone who is already on a custom engine build will happen on this convo and test.

Yeah alright. (98.3 KB) (122.4 KB) should work I think however doesn’t (so some fractured objects do work I guess)