Blender Addons not downloadable

Hi, so I tried to look a bit into Blender lately and saw there were addons released from Epic like “Send to Unreal” or “UE to Rigify”

I created an account and connected everything and verified but it tells me that the page can’t be found 404 when I follow the link on the Unreal Engine page. Not sure if the content is just gone or got moved and the link is old?
I followed this page Download our new Blender addons - Unreal Engine and the github connection page with the Epic Account.

Thanks for any help.

I’m having the same issue. Why hasn’t this been addressed?

I found the answer in a forum thread. You should have gotten an invite link in your email from github. Joining will let you access the page.

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I can second the above. For weeks I was trying to figure this out. I asked around everywhere for a solution, asked several people for the addon directly so I didn’t have to mess with this process.

When you connect your account in the Unreal side of things (try unlinking and re-linking github), you’ll get a notification from github - don’t ignore it! It’s not just saying, hey, you’re connecting your account to Epic/Unreal have a nice day. It’s giving you a prompt to join Epic/Unreal from the github side too. Look for the join button in the github email.