Blender Addon/Unreal Editor Plugin Combo

Automates the process of exporting a FBX from Blender to Unreal Engine (By disabling “Auto UE Import” in Blender, the default Import Dialog will show with settings populated from Blender)

Source, instructions and screenshots on the GitHub links below:

Blender Addon Features

  • One click FBX Export to UE
  • Option to Create Icon (Useful for toolbar items/etc)
  • Option to Copy Textures Folder
  • Option to override preferences
  • Option to create a “{fbx_file_name}.bjd” for the UE Plugin
  • Preferences Panel for per blend file UE options in Properies->Output

Unreal Editor Plugin Features

  • Automagically imports fbx’s from settings set in Blender.
  • Assigns textures to materials.
  • I’d love some help with having it tested. Feedback and ideas for improvements are welcome!!!

This looks pretty useful! Does it completely recreate Blender materials in UE? or would i still need to setup everything except textures? (eg, if i have a LERP node group in Blender will that then load and connect a LERP in UE4)

At the moment if does not do anything with the nodes, it just looks in the “Textures” folder for matching textures to materials. This is due to my own workflow as I use Substance Painter for texturing but It’s a great idea to be able to create the Blender nodes for UE and would be useful for texturing done completely in Blender so I will add it to the roadmap.