Blender Addon - UE Collision Renamer

This addon allows bulk renaming of selected objects so that they can be used as collision primitives inside Unreal.

It creates a tab in the sidebar (hotkey: N). By pressing the tab you get a small popup with a text field for Mesh and 4 buttons, each representing a different collision primitive. Drag the mesh you want to create the collisions for from the outliner into the text field, and the field will be populated by the mesh name.

Then, select the meshes you want to use as the collision primitives, and click the corresponding collision type. Repeat for each different collision type as necessary.

It’s really just a simple script but I’ve found it useful. Make a new folder, rename it to ue_collision_renamer and place it into the Blender’s scripts/addons folder.|attachment (4.7 KB)

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