Blender 7.3 morph targets won't import

I can’t seem to get unreal to realize I’ve created a morph target for my skeletal mesh in Blender. Is there some way to work around this? For example, could I import the mesh again with the morph target at 1.0, then apply that to my original mesh as a morph target?

bump? can anybody help me?

Is your mesh using any modifers i.e. subsurf and the like if so uncheck apply modifers on FBX export settings, Blender can’t apply modifers to a mesh with shape keys so it will instead strip them from the mesh on export.

If you want shape keys on a mesh with modifyers you’ll have transfer them over one by one to a mesh with modifyers applied and export the modifyed mesh.

Morph Targets started working as of the 4.7 update. Now I just need to learn how to use them to animate.