Blender 2.80

I checked out the Blender site, where can download Blender 2.79, but it say Blender 2.80 download button, I clicked on that there are 4 catagories

Blender 2.80 Beta 64 Bit

Blender 2.80 Beta 32 Bit

Blender 2.79 stable 64 Bit

Blender 2.79 stable 32 Bit

it does warn downloading 2.80 can mess with you files, all the bug fixes are there. My Laptop is 64 Bit, I did try to download 64 Bit I received a dialog box saying 2 errors, I did find out Blender 2.80 gets released July 2019, strange have a Download already, also does any body would know if those Blenders 2.79 and 2.80 going to be a free download and is that a true site.

This is the Blender download page : Download —
Blender will remain free.
On Gumroad and Blendermarket you can find some very useful plugins for Blender and some are free while others quite cheap. For enhancing sculpting, rigging and UV packing capabilities and speedup working with Blender.
Blender 2.80 UI is a huge improvement over the messed up UI Blender really had until that. You might want to check the free Blender fork Bforartits too: which aims at creating a way better UI for Blender.
Another useful free 3D modelling software is Rocket3F Basic (the Pro version is not free) which is fully working but you can’t customize UI and tools :
Also for PBR painting there is a very cheap software ArmorPaint you can buy on Gumroad (the opensource github release is lacking optimizations and features)

Thankyou for that, also I like to know, I have received a message from EPIC jet pack animation is been removed use at own risk and I own it in my library, I was wondering to be on the safe side how do I go about removing it from my library.