[Blender 2.8 Add-on] UnrealEngine - Blender [UEBok!] . Clipboard copy/paste UE/Blender. Export to UE

UnrealEngine - Blender OK! further known as UEBok! an Blender 2.8 Addon.

Idea: Speed up interaction between Blender and UnrealEngine and to Blender and …
UEBok! functions:

Collection OPS:

  • Create collection for selected objects
  • Create ROOT object for collection(ROOT object is pivot point it’s collection)
  • CleanUP - Cleanup Empty collections

Clipboard OPS(it is like copy paste between programs):

  • Paste data from UnrealEngine to Blender
  • Copy data from Blender to UnrealEngine

Export OPS:

  • Select export folder
  • Export button


  • Windows only
  • Blender 2.8


  • User preferences > Add-ons > Install from file…> select UEBok!.ZIP file.


  • for Clipboard OPS - Unreal Engine project folder must be selected in addon preferences


Many thanks!

this is amazing!! bought it and love it!!! makes our workflow so much easier

ran into a slight problem today, hope you can help, meshes turn out all black, and when i look at the mesh in the UE4 mesh view the mesh seems flipped around, like the side im facing is transparent, and when copy pasting it either says “Warning! BasicShapes/Cube.fbx - Not Found” and “No UnrealEngin data for Objects”

normals are not flipped, i checked that, and lighting is correct as the default meshes in UE4 scene are all lit,


That is Cool!

Seems to require update for the latest version of the 2.8 beta (was some big changes in it that seem to have broke everyones addons requiring updates :slight_smile: )