Blender 2.76

Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has tried Blender 2.76 with UE4. I’ve been using 2.75 and have found I need to do a lot of tricks to have a steady workflow. Can anyone speak for 2.76 and how its been for exporting meshes, skeletals, animations, and textures to UE4? Thanks.

So far I haven’t run into many issues. Only thing to note, if I have to re-import a skeletal mesh with animations…I have to delete the skeletal mesh, animations, and skeleton from UE4 to get it to work properly.

Dont have any problems with it -> still nearly the same workflow as from 2.75 :slight_smile:

How do you export hard/soft edges from blender 2.76, in earlier versions of blender i got it working by defining hard and soft edges in bledner änd select edges smoothing when exporting to fbx. This hoever does’t seem to work any moore. Hav anyone got export of smooth edges to work in 2.76?

No problems here. I think blender is great to use.