Blender 2.75+ adds unwanted "Armature" bone. Any workaround yet?

This is a known issue, but is there any workaround? Or the only solution is to use 2.74 version for exporting skeletal meshes/animations? :frowning:
I know that we can animate whole Armature object in case of issues with root motion, but that’s not my case. I just want to get rid of this extra “Armature” bone on top of skeleton. And I can’t find any solution besides reverting back to Blender 2.74…

you could just swap the scripts for the exporter so you use the 2.74 exporter with 2.75, should work.

That worked, thank you :smiley:
For other possible wanderers: Replace entire “io_scene_fbx” folder to the one from 2.74. It’s located in [Blender folder] -> 2.76 (or any version you have) -> scripts -> addons

that’s what I used to do so I didn’t have to keep editing the exporter, anyway glad it worked:)