Blended Montages using Layered Blend Per Bone not working

I have a layered blend per bone node in my AnimGraph, which works with one Base Pose and One Blend Pose, but when I add the second Blend Pose layer, everything is cut short.

The two blend poses are for the arms, one blend for the left and one for the right. Under the Branch Filters, I have set the appropriate bone names.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


I’d like to also know how this works with animation montages. So far I can only get this to work on animation blueprint.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. only the last node will blend properly… anything above does not work,even when i set it’s weight to 1 and everything else to 0.

Hey ,
Not sure if this will help but I’m pretty sure you can only ever play one anim montage on a character at one time. I had a similar problem while trying to run a character in full body montage (sitting at a chair) and then play upper body montages (emotes) over the top. The way I get around stuff is to use “blend Poses by bool” to tell when to blend in the animation then “layered blend per Bone” it to the section of the body you want. That way I dont need to run an anim montage. Attached an image of how I do this to make the mouth move when a player uses a mic without interrupting or having to use an anim montage. Hope this helps!