Blend without time loss

I have a somewhat unique animation requirement to blend between the end of one animation and into another but without any time loss (and without ugliness of not blending). So if the first animation is 5 seconds, I need to be able to complete that animation and then use the last frame of that animation to, over time, blend into the next animation which will after some period (perhaps 0.25 seconds) completely take over the control.

I’m planning to make animations that have a set of identical frames at the end to allow for this blending while any looping would have to be done by listening to a notifier placed on the last animated frame (does that make any sense?).

In any case: has anyone come across this challenge?

Note: The reason for no time loss is that the animations must match the timeline and execute/complete at the precise time.

This is just off the top of my head, so forgive me if it’s pretty general (or if I’m overlooking something as I scarf down lunch and wander the forums).

For all the animations, I’d just have a ‘PreviousFrameAlpha’ (or whatever) curve track, starting at 1.0 (or wherever you wanted it) and shifting to 0.0. Then I’d probably just do an animation pose snapshot as an animation finishes, storing that off for further use.

Then I’d just add a bit to the end of your animation blueprint where if an animation pose snapshot exists, you blend it into the current pose with the value of that ‘PreviousFrameAlpha’ curve as the alpha. When the alpha is 1.0, you have exactly that final pose. When it’s all the way down to 0, the current animation has complete control.

That way, you can just edit the curve track to change how long (and how much) the previous frame blends in for on any given animation sequence. And if the curve is absent… well, the value’s 0, so the previous snapshot isn’t blended in at all, thus it doesn’t break any animations where you don’t want that behavior.