Blend to State but to a specific frame

Hi there!

I have a Run Animation and a Forward-Jump Animation.

I have Transition States for the Left and the Right Leg.
Is there a possibility to blend into a State (The Forward Jump) but to the Middle of it?

I want this, because the Forward-Jump State is also started from Idle.

If you click on the animation in your state-machine you could choose a start position in the settings tab (at the same place where you could choose if you would loop or if you would play the anim forward or backwards). You don’t enter the frame there but the time. However if you select the animation in the state then you should see a yellow slider. Just move the slider to the time with the frame where you would start and enter that time into the start position. Just keep in mind that there could be issues with loop and such stuff (so it would probably not always start there depending on your setup).

This is no option because I’m blending from the Idle Animation to the first frame of the Run Animation