Blend Spaces Question

Hello Guys,

I am struggling a bit with Blend Spaces and the golden way for the correct interpolation time with smooth values.

I have a Char with the animations Idle = 0, Walking = 75 and Running = 400. The same in the Injured Version Idle = 0, Walk = 60, Running = 200. What is the more wise method. To create a Blendspace 2D to switch between normal and injured version inside the blend space or just make 2x Blendspace 1D and blending via Boolean inside the animation blueprint?

Also the “Number of Grid Divisions” confused me a lot. I read the Documentation of it: “The number of sampled points from the animation data used for interpolating. Higher values give more precise results. This is displayed as gridlines in the Blend Space Editor grid along the axis for this input
When changing the number of grid divisions or the size of either axis is changed, any existing samples will be snapped to the closest available grid point. Those for which no valid position could be found are marked as invalid and will be drawn in red enabling you to reposition them manually on the grid. .”

There I have also two questions.

  1. What if I need certain values and turn off snap to grid that i can set it to 75 but because I change the division it will automatic snapped to the closed value again and ruined my 75 value???

  2. Why give higher divisons more accurate values, why the enigne not autmatic interpolate between only the existing setted points, why there i need to set fixed division grid?


First a heads up. The number of grid points does not give you a more precise interpolation of fixed point data. 2d and 4d blendspaces are indexes to the location on a graph of the desired state change and the need for interpolation between state changes is not required as it’s built into the blendspace as to how fast you wish to move into and out of the state changes. You can also increase or decrease entry and exit speed by using a migration tree than a state machine and change the entry weight on say a blend by INT.

For locomotion 8-way movement control using a 3d BS is more ideal than using a 2d BS.

1: Not really a question as you don’t state as to why you changed the the division in the first place.

2: Well the truth is most will take a more typical approach based on programming logic that’s been around forever with out consideration that an animation BP is developed over time based on iteration. A lot of ideas float to the surface based on tutorials or samples that works with the give project but does not take into consideration to iterate the migration path based on much more complex design requirements.

Once again. Higher divisions does not mean accurate values by default and for that matter non-fixed float values can and does cause undesirable results. In part explains the need for fixed division points even if the BS is using a float vale. 75.5 is just as valid as 75 as long as that is the value that needs to be referenced for the current state change. That and as I stated above the blendspace will interpolate for you between fixed points by just changing the interpolation speed.

As far as my opinion goes.

Animation blueprints should only be responsible for triggering the required state change and should not be casting for a required value based on 20 questions. I’ve seen more examples of the animation BP casting to the controller as to the current state as to animation requirements. Are you idling? Are you walking? Are you running? Are you Crouching? and that’s just 4.

What you land up with is an animation BP that spends a lot of it’s time processing data rather doing it’s job as to producing the desired state change a fast as possible. Most of the stuff for need can be processed on the controller end and the state passed along to the animation BP as a singe var.

Sorry if a bit wordy but as a TA a see questions that requires a bit more explanation with in a limited format such as this :wink:

Well, first of all. Thanks for the answer. I honest, I needed to read it servel times until I get what you mean. I am nooby with animations and need to learn still a lot.

Almost all will be calculate in the Controller/ AI Character Blueprint. Like you say, it makes no sense to let the Animation BP handle it.

But I cant say that decrease the amount of the divisions would not affect the animation result. I just did just for fun to set the division amount to 1 and uncheck all points not to snap to the grid. The results looks horrible. I thought the animations would be indices and not affected by it? Can you explain me this more. I really dont get this stuff with it. I thought in first it would be only a part for the UI to help the Dev?

But that all not solve my problem, cause my char can not only idle, walk and running, even the same with sword style with 3 other animations. And that two modes in the injured version too. That means 4xBS 1D? Only blend in the Animation BP via Is Weapon Equip and Is Inured Booleans or 2xBS 2D And just use only is Weapon Equip Boolean?