Blend Space Animations Stoped after play single animation node

hi i’m trying to create my enemy AI using blueprints, so far the AI is going forward, my actual problem is when the enemy see the player i start playing the shot animation using a node called “Play Animation”, when i go far away from the enemy it return to a wander patrol but it stays playing the idle animation, the enemy is moving but with the idle animation, i tried already to force to play again the blend space 1D with the same node “play animation” and set the max speed for the one that triggers the walk animation in the blend space 1d for the enemy but i’m stuck there, no more walk or run animation after the enemy saw the player and play the shoot animation.

any ideas what i’m doing wrong or what i need to do to restore the play animation to the blend space 1d?

thanks in advance for the help.

#Slot Nodes and Anim Montages

You should not be using Play Animation / directly playing anim sequences in the animation blueprint!

Instead use the Slot Node

In Your Animation BP
Make 1 and call it FullBody (see picture below)

select your animation sequence

right click

select Create AnimMontage

in the montage, select the Slot Name and enter FullBody

In your enemy character blueprint make a function called Play Fire Montage

in this function add a node called Play Montage

select your newly created montage

run this function whenever you want the AI to fire its fire animation




#Another Picture

thanks Rama, i have created the montage animation and the function to call it into the animation blueprint, but i don’t know how to get a reference for the animation blueprint from the ai blueprint or the soldier blueprint, can you tell me ?

thank you.

i didn’t got it to work, now i can’t play any anim montage, don’t know what i’m doing wrong