Blend Shape Animations from MotionBuilder


Having a bit of an issue getting Blendshape animation into Unreal from MotionBuilder.

I have the animation baked down. The Blendshapes come through OK but there does not seem to be any animation coming in with the FBX file.

Is there some extra set up I am missing?


when import be sure to check
‘‘import morph target’’ option

Strangely, I never get that option. I saw it in the docs. But it is not there when I import. The file has been exported with morph targets. Once the file is imported however, I can re-import and it automatically loads the Blend Shapes.

So I can get them in. Problem is, I can’t seem to get the animation for the Blend Shapes in or to play. I am not sure what I am missing. And that missing “import morph target” option is strange too.

Sure I am missing something simple.

And also sorry I posted in the wrong forum.

Moved it here:

Please take up any discussion there. Thanks :slight_smile: