"Blend Poses" - how to trigger notifies of highest weighted animation?

Hello! For my game, I have it set up so that the different melee attacks are set in the “Blend Poses” node (the int one.) The issue with this is that as the player transitions from attack 1 to attack 2, the notifies are triggered in both animations, even if attack 1 was already transitioned out of. Is there any way to set this up so that it only triggers the notifies of the highest weighted pose?

Thank you!

There is a checkbox somewhere in persona that enables highest weighted blend pose but I’ve never used it to be honest so can’t really help sorry. The way I always did mine was to have two anim notifies one for animation start and one for where I wanted it to end or transition out of the other attack then I just used to set the animation to start and stop at the right places by using transition times .

Yeah I tried finding it but it only works with Blendspaces apparently. I guess I’m just going to go manual with delays and try to make it work like that haha
Thanks for the reply anyways :slight_smile: