Blend Poses by bool issues.

I recently updated to 4.14 and started my project from scratch with this build, but there are a few things that worked in 4.13 that don’t work in this latest build.

In my animation blueprint, I’m using “Blend Poses by bool” to blend 2 animations on a particular bone, based on input from a bool variable. This worked perfect in 4.13, but now doesn’t work at all.

I’ve also noticed that on my Anim Graph, with the “Preview Instance” debug filter selected, it doesn’t highlight the flow like it did in 4.13 either. It does work on logic in my Animation Event Graph though.

Nothing has been drag/dropped or copied from my previous project that was done in 4.13, so everything is built from scratch. I don’t know if I’m battling a bug or if I’m doing something incorrect in the new build.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Whenever this happens to me, I go through and check to make sure the conditions that trigger the bool are being met, the fact that it works in preview and not in game suggests that the game is failing to trigger the bool, the issue might not even be in the anim graph at all.

I apologize that I didn’t include it, but I’ve set up some debug tasks to print out on the screen. As best as I can tell, my boolean variable is being updated correctly. I’ve verified this in my Character Blueprint, which the variable originates, and I’ve checked it in my Animation Event graph, where I resolve the variable and pass it to my Anim Graph.