Blend Poses by Bool/Int etc: blend time pins cannot be set via variable

If you connect anything to either pin this happens. It also happens if you tag the Blend Time array pin under Config in the node’s details to Dynamic, and the whole editor crashes if you set that array pin to any array variable (even one with 2 items) and then compile. It also happens if you bind any variable to the pin in the right-click menu.
Here’s the crash when binding the bind time array to an array variable and then compiling:


Is this intended behaviour? How can I connect variable floats to these pins?
I have submitted this as a bug ticket awhile ago but no response yet - it’s a pretty egregious bug if so.

PS I’m on ue5-main branch of source code. Last month even clicking the array pin in the node’s details caused a crash but after pulling to commit 5025b92 (Sept22) I can do all of the above (click the pin, set it, etc but causes a crash on compile as stated).