blend poses by bool bug maybe?? 4.10.4

The FABRIK doesnt seem to work when i use a Blend Poses by bool Node. The left hand should be on the weapon. Screenshots below.

This is where im bypassing the Blend Poses by bool Node and going into the final pose.

This is the result. This is what i want.

This is where im going into the Blend Poses by bool Node to see which animation to play when i have a weapon or not.

This is the result of that.

This is the entry point of my AnimGraph to get a cached pose from locomotion which will play without a weapon.

This is when i have a weapon which goes into a new chached pose.

This is in my locomotion just after entry. It is my Idle_Run(state)

Logically to me it should work but it doesn’t. Any thoughts or help? Thanks.

Sorry IDK, for me everything worked fine.

Im an idiot. Forgot to set the boolean for blueprint var. Thanks though!