Blend Pose Issue.

Any idea why this wouldn’t work? I’ve verified my bool is changing states…

I originally had 2 mesh space ref pose’s, 2 wheel handlers and 2 transform bone’s feeding into the blend pose and I thought that was the issue. This is for a race car and I’m trying to adjust some wheel transforms based on a certain condition.


If you don’t need that blendtime of 0.1 and don’t require fastpath you could get the same with this:


I’m not sure why it does not work with Blend Poses by bool but I guess it have something to do with component/local space … as it even does not work if you replace the “Blend Poses by bool” with a “select” node at local space.

Thank you very much for your time…

I’ve also tried that exact same setup as well, but via google and the forum, I saw several posts regarding to the “select” object, where it was determined that it didn’t work on the animation blueprint.

Was it fixed?