Blend Mask not being loaded by AnimBP correctly until reload/recompile?

Hello! I’ve created a blend mask on a skeleton to mask my upperbody / lower body joints via weights. I’ve then used the Layered blend per Bone node in my animBP to mask my upperbody slot and blend it with my locomotion.
All seems well, and works exactly as I expect, until I shut down my editor and relaunch it.
After that, the upper body anims do not play, as if the mask weights are all zero. I can immediately fix the problem by simply opening the animBP and pressing recompile (no changes necessary) or right clicking the animBP in the content browser and pressing reload. Is there some step I need to take in order to make sure the animBP can read the mask correctly without needing a recompile?


I have this same issue!!! Did you find a fix? Its really annoying me.

No I have not, unfortunately. Still hoping to hear if anyone has a solution, keeping eye on patch notes to see if it gets “stealth fixed.”

Having the same issue too!

Same here. It does not work until i recompile the Anim BP.

This is the same issue I am facing right now! I’ll be glad if anyone has a solution.

For now I managed to avoid the issue by using a Branch Filter instead.

I am running into the same issue.

I hope this is fixed in 5.1

I have same issue.