Blend Between Animations In Sequencer

Hey all,

I’m trying to blend between two animations on the same character (dance → idle) and wondering if there is a way to do it without blend spaces and animation blueprints and just using sequencer.

I don’t need anything dynamic. I’m just trying to have a transition begin at a specific time.


Hey reedandrader, to do this, you need to have both animations in your sequence. Drag the animation that you want to blend into under the animation you want to blend out of with the amount overlap equal to the amount of time you want to spend blending. Then, keyframe the “Animation Weight” property of both animations at the frame that you want to start blending. The old animation’s weight should be 1 and the new should be 0. At the point that you want only the new animation to be playing without any influence from the old animation, create more keyframes but with the opposite values so that the new animation weight is 1 and the old is 0. Hope this helps!

Thanks Jacob. Things have gotten a lot easier with UE4 over the last 4 years. :smiley: